Colorful Cards:

The bright hues of these small gift cards are sure to charm your wedding guests!  Well wishers will have
just enough space to write a sweet thought, quip or hope.  To encourage them to get senitmental, you can provide evelopes for privacy.
File Cards:

Use cards from an address file and set them on the table with a sign
asking friends & family to jot down
messages.  Once they've penned
their notes, they can file their card
alphabetically, leaving you to merely
flip through all the warm wishes
from A to Z.

Set out a vintage typewriter with long sheets of paper for guest to write good wishes as the feeling strikes.  You can find the old machines online, at thrift stores or flea markets.  After the wedding, tie into a scroll with a ribbon.


Transform a store album into a personalized guest book.  Use
double sided tape to afix
envelopes in assorted sizes &
colors to the pages.  After your guests have written
their well wishes, they can tuck
the cards into the evelopes.
Thougtful Dove Tree:

Let guest's well wishes take flight
on paper doves, the birds that
are traditional symbols of love, happiness & harmony.  Anchor bare
branches in a study container with
stones or gravel.  Secure nests,
(available in craft stores), to
branches with lightweight wire.  The
dove cards can be bought pre-cut.

Anchor a parchment-color paper
scroll with paperweigts or such.
After the wishes are written, a
vintage ribbon can fasten it closed.
A Guest Book doesn't need to be in the form of a book!
Here are some fun ideas to make your wedding unique!
Wishing Trees:

Have their origins in Holland where
guests wrote their wishes on leaves
or pieces of paper and hung them
on a tree.  Punch holes in each card and use yarn or ribbon from which
to hang them. 
Here is a cute poem you could put beside your tree:
"These cards will be
for our wedding book.
A modern twist
on a standard look.

As we begin our journey,
a brand new Mr. & Mrs.
We could surely use
your advice and good wishes.

Jot down a memory,
a reminder of the day,
draw a picture or a scribble
if you're not sure what to say.

Share with us your wisdom
about marriage, love & life;
the secret to being
a good husband or wife.

Please don't forget...
it would be such a shame,
to hang your card on the tree
without signing your name.

Give us words of love or fun.
Write or draw your own design.
Hang it on the Wishing tree once your done.
Mr. & Mrs. ______________

Fingerprint Trees:

Guests will enjoy leaving their thumb or fingerprint & signature to create the leaves of
a tree.  Bare trees can be purchased or have an artistic friend draw one for you.
You'll need to provide a non-toxic stamp pad in the color of your choice, a small box of
wipees so they can wipe the ink off their fingers and a waste basket.  Also, a couple of
nice gel pens to sign their names.  
The sign could read:
"Leave your print on our tree
on any branch you can find.
We'll remember this day,
all your thoughts & words so kind,
and in our hearts you'll stay."